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Our Objectives:

Working with local and regional colleges, universities, and research organizations and in collaboration with numerous local and regional economic, community development, and environmental agencies, Participatory Solutions will work to:

  1. Establish a model of community living to include recreational activities that promote human, animal, and plant ecology. Activities will include but will not be limited to the use and advancement of Eco-friendly living structures and related products (e.g., composting toilets, wind and solar generated temperature regulation), alternative energy sourced recreational vehicles, and opportunities for on-site “healthy living” educational experiences (e.g., natural and organic gardening and cooking classes, and conservation hikes)
  2. Actively promote public health and security using multimedia educational messages concerning health behaviors including but not limited to animal and plant welfare, eco-friendly living, responsible (healthy) living (e.g., nutrition, diet, exercise, lifestyle, psycho-social-sexual health)
  3. Maintain a current cadre of experts in topical areas related to the mission of Participatory Solutions including but not limited to (listed alphabetically): agriculture, alternative energy, alternative and complimentary medicine, animal husbandry, architecture, bionomics, botany, community mobilization, conservation, education, energy, engineering, environmental health, fish and wildlife, geology, herbology, kinesthesiology, organic and natural farming/gardening, public health, research and development, sociology, veterinary medicine, and writing and publishing
  4. Provide consultation to interested like-minded communities and organizations
  5. Apply for and receive grant monies to advance the organizational Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives
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