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What's New?

June, 2026:

- MEMBERSHIP DUES: Please consider becoming a member! Membership dues are $30 per year. Please submit your intention to our PO Box at your earliest convenience, check payable to Participatory Solutions Inc.

- Nominations being accepted for Board of Directors: Secretary position.

 If interested or to nominate someone, please email:


- Committee Chairs needed for the following Standing Committees:

- Annual Conference Committee

- Election Committee

- Membership Committee

- Public Affairs Committee

October 2019: Article published,

Axman, L., Boren, D., Andera, S., & Baker, M. (2019). Advanced

nursing education: Family nurse practitioner students improve health

outcomes for the medically underserved at nurse-managed

student-run free clinics. International Journal of Nursing and Health

Care Research, 2(8), 1109 – 1119.

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